Creative Inquiry



let go and let be

NowHere is a guidebook for tweens that lets them mindfully explore their experience while honoring their own resources to question and discover knowledge. 

This guidebook encourages curiosity, groundedness, gentleness and joy in three areas of exploration. “Exploration of  experience” invites them to immerse in the present moment to open its richness and vitality. “Exploration with others” motivates them to play with others in ways that can allow the participants to enjoy adventurous journeys into  interpersonal connections. “Exploration with nature” fosters the ability to look for the gifts and healing qualities that the natural environment offers to us. 

NowHere includes prompts and illustrations to help facilitate exploration. It is an ideal companion for those who are inclined toward a playful but precise language of inquiry into our personal journey through life. 

Our first issue deals with different ways to engage our experience through listening, which is an art that can be cultivated and practiced. Deep listening can help us heal and  discover new worlds and can create a fresh and energetic vision of what is happening to us in each moment. Through a playful engagement in listening, we can open ourselves and others, to connect with mother nature, music and beyond.





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