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In Visible Mind

It is an Experience

In Visible Mind was designed to immerse readers into their own experience. The illustrations are instructions made with visual language instead of words.

Discover your present moment without expectation. Allow yourself time to move through each page, pausing every few moments to notice what is going on.

It is an Experiment

What does Mindfulness Experience Creativity mean to you?

In Visible Mind is a guided reading meditation created during a collaborative brainstorm among the Mindful Living team. AMIRA-SADE MOODIE sparked and steered the language of the zine and IGNACIO ERCOLE created the aesthetically pleasing design and brush illustrations. 

The practices in the zine come from Full Presence Mindfulness, a method created by JACK PETRANKER, and was inspired by the Time, Space, Knowledge Vision of TARTHANG TULKU, his teacher of 40 years.

If we can learn how to relax before our minds become agitated and our perceptions bombarded and overwhelmed, we can bring out the hidden qualities of our senses and appreciate their nuances and textures. If we cultivate our own inner treasures, they will reward us with bliss, joy, and happiness beyond our fondest imaginings.

InVisible Mind


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