Creative Inquiry


Time, Space, and Knowledge


Time, Space, and Knowledge explores the possibility that our current understanding of reality represents only one particular “focal setting” on experience. As an alternative to the dichotomies of conventional thought, it offers a unified vision that unfolds from the interplay of space and time with knowledge and exhibits boundless creativity—the nexus of human freedom and opportunity.

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Time, Space, and Knowledge – A New Vision of Reality by Tarthang Tulku, introduces a new vision of reality based on fundamental elements of experience. This is the book that launched the TSK Vision, the “crazy idea,” as the author once called it. It asks what would happen if we replace our conviction that the “self” is at the center of experience with a commitment to celebrating the interplay of time, space, and knowledge. Proceeding step by step, Tarthang Tulku carefully invites a new vision of reality. The book offers twenty-five exercises, two of which are very important for the practice of Full Presence Mindfulness at the Center for Creative Inquiry (Going without Going and Marriage of Sound and Breath).